Our fairway information service DoRIS Mobile offers you the possibility of obtaining information on water levels, lock status, fairway conditions, shallow sections, information regarding bridge clearance as well as the most recent Notices to Skippers (NtS). Furthermore your actual GPS position on the river Danube is displayed.

Data Storage

DoRIS Mobile is a service which can be used without registration. This service is therefore basically anonymous, as viadonau does not and cannot save your GPS location or query results.

How does DoRIS Mobile work from a technical point of view?

For the installation of DoRIS Mobile on your device and the communication with our information server which transmits the various fairway information, an active internet connection is required. The permission to use the internet for this is labelled “Data services”, “Internet” or “Access to all networks”, depending on your operating system.

Depending on the operating system used, some platforms (e.g. Android) show standardized security warnings provided by the operating system when you install DoRIS Mobile or use the app for the first time. These explanatory notes (e.g. reading confidential information such as call logs), however, do not apply to DoRIS Mobile, but rather to the general pre-determined settings of the operating system. viadonau is therefore not able to change them.

In order to be able to use all functionalities provided by DoRIS Mobile, it is necessary to grant further permissions to access certain data on your device. These rights granted to the application can be withdrawn at any time, if so desired. Depending on the operating system used, the option for deactivation is provided in the security or system settings and can be performed by you directly.

From a detailed perspective and depending on the operating system used, DoRIS Mobile needs to be granted the following rights:

Change or delete contents of USB memory: This access is required to download, save or display contents in PDF format which is accessible via the DoRIS Mobile app.

Position or location data: The functions ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION and ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION are used in order to display the position of the device on the Austrian Danube. This data is not stored temporarily. It is therefore not possible to create movement profiles or similar evaluations.

Access network state: This permission is used by the app to acquire data about the used network in order to warn the user about additional roaming costs, should the user desire so.

Wake lock: This access allows using power manager to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.

Vibrate: This functionality is required to notify the user about roaming-warnings and push-notifications (general messages of the administrator, notice about river stretches closed for large vessels or pleasure crafts).

Internet: This permission is required for data retrieval (e.g. water levels) per se, but is also used for the databank update service.

Get Accounts: Depending on the version number of DoRIS Mobile (<2.0), the app may use GET_ACCOUNTS. This function lists all the accounts on the device (only the accounts, not the access data itself) and is required to receive push notifications.

Important: None of the information retrieved by the DoRIS Mobile app will leave the device or be transferred to a server (of viadonau or third party).