Attention: The DoRIS portal is expected to be discontinued at the end of 2022 and replaced by EuRIS and CEERIS.

The DoRIS portal provides a variety of features and services for different user groups and can be reached at the following URL:

The functions of the portal offer following benefits:

  • New transport reports can be easily created and published to competent authorities in a user-friendly way.
  • It is possible to determine whether the transport report will automatically be forwarded to the responsible authorities of the next country along the route preventing the skipper or fleet operator from having to report again after border crossing. At the moment, transport reports can be exchanged with the Slovak Republic.
  • Templates for transport reports can be saved to avoid reentering of consistent information for future transport reports.
  • Actual and closed transport reports (these reports can also be used as a template) and their history are provided in an overview.
  • The transport reports can always be viewed by the related user who is also able to forward these reports by e-mail in various formats, each in German and English language available.
  • In case of an accident, information on dangerous goods and the number of persons on board can be made available to the emergency service providers immediately together with a tactical traffic image of the accident area.

In addition to user-friendly handling and management of transport reports by electronic means (dangerous and non-dangerous goods transport reports) the site offers further functions for requesting data and offers a clear representation of vessel and voyage related information.

Position data of ships can be displayed on a map or automated queries regarding ship positions at specific times or locations can be subscribed to. Furthermore, waterway information is available regarding water levels and lock status.

All queries are based on strict access rights. Vessel data can be retrieved only by the respective vessel owner and authorised persons. Other logistics users only have access to certain vessel information if the vessel owner granted this access.

In order to use the features of the portal, a user account is created after signing a user agreement. With the assigned user name and corresponding password the user can use all the unlocked features of his account.

For more information and registration please contact viadonau at DoRIS-Info[at] The systems requirements for using DoRIS portal are as follows: A computer with internet connection and a web browser (Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later; and Internet Explorer version 7.0 or later).