The Austrian Notices to Skippers are provided by the Supreme Navigation Authority and via donau on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology according to the international standard for Notices to Skippers.

The Notices to Skippers can be retrieved at

Official Austrian Notices to Skippers:

  • Fairway and traffic related messages according to the NtS Standard about limitations, blockages and other events of significance for inland navigation

Additional messages:

  • Water related message according to the NtS standard
    Daily water levels as well as 72 hour predictions for the gauges Kienstock and Wildungsmauer in case the water level is below average
  • Ice message according to the NtS Standard for a specific waterway section
  • Enhanced ice message: Information on ice condition in locks as well as in ports and tributaries
  • Summary ice report providing an overview about ice on the whole Austrian Danube
  • Fairway information overview providing a daily executive summary about water levels, lock conditions and effective fairway and traffic related messages

Further information to this service can be downloaded in PDF format.

For remarks or questions to this service please contact Christoph Plasil (nts[at] or Bernd Birklhuber (bernd.birklhuber[at] via donau shall not be made liable for the correctness of the data.