Since 2022, vessel operators have had CEERIS at their disposal - a portal for electronic reporting. It enables vessel operators navigating the Danube corridor and the Elbe in the Czech Republic to fulfil all reporting obligations for a specific inland waterway transport in participating countries by reporting only once with single entering of data.

Any transport of dangerous goods on Austrian waterways has to be reported to the lock supervision containing specific vessel, cargo and voyage related information in accordance with the provisions of Waterways Traffic Regulations §8.02, para. 1 and the ADN.

The reporting form for dangerous goods reporting can be downloaded here:

The statistics form for vessels in freight transport has to be filled out by all vessels transiting the Austrian waterway Danube. The legal basis for the survey of Inland Waterway Statistics in Austria is the national regulation BGBI. II Nr. 129/2005.

The statistics form and additional information can be downloaded here:

More detailed information of the inland waterway transport survey is available on the website of Statistik Austria.