For each waterway section there exists two files:

- the files "2W7D...." contain all geographical information (river banks, fairway, shoreside infrastructur, etc.) and relevant shipping police regulations.

- the files "2WBD...." contain bathymetric data

  • The characters "2W......" in the file name specify the chart producer viadonau.
  • The characters "..7D...." in the file name specify the chart’s type of use and the river (Danube).
  • The last four characters of the file name specify the river kilometre of the lower border of the respective section of the chart.
  • The numbers after the dot specify the version of the respective cell (000 = basic cell; 001, 002,... = updates)

The charts have been carefully examined and checked. However, minor deviations and errors may occur. Therefore, we kindly request you to send any error messages that may occur to: johannes.nemeth[at]