The charts are usually produced by the national hydrographic authorities, in Austria by  via donau.

viadonau is responsible for geographic data (shorelines, navigation channel, shore-based infrastructure, depth data etc.) and enters the data regarding traffic regulations (buoys, navigational signs, areas with special restrictions etc.) approved by the Supreme Navigation Authority (Oberste Schifffahrtsbehörde, OSB) into the Inland ENCs since 31th August 2016.

 The basis for the production of charts are images taken of the areas concerned by aerial surveys, surveys by vessel or other measurement procedures. All objects have to be available in WGS 84 format (World Geodetic System). The data form the Inland ENCs, and in combination with the object catalogue (S-57 format) and the presentation library (S-52 format) charts can be displayed. 

The Inland ECDIS Standard can be downloaded free of charge from the website This website also contains links to the websites of the international organizations by which the official versions of the Standard can be ordered.