Waste reception facilities at locks

Along the Austrian Danube there a free waste collection facilities available at three locks. At the lock Abwinden (River-km 2119,60), Persenbeug (2060,42) and Greifenstein (River-km 1949,20) residual waste and recyclables can be disposed of easily and free of charge.

This disposal facilities are available for cargo vessels only!

Waste separation at the locks

Proper waste separation is an important requirement for recycling and reuse of scarce materials. Please make sure to dispose your ship waste according to the following system:

Hazardous waste such as oily and greasy waste (e.g. waste oil, lubricants, oil filters) and problematic materials (e.g. batteries, fluorescent tubes, aerosol cans) are not allowed to be disposed of at the facilities at the locks. Some ports may offer the possibility to dispose of hazardous waste.

Information on the position and specifics of waste reception facilities on the Austrian section of the Danube is also available on the electronic navigational charts of DoRIS. An overview on all waste reception facilities for cargo vessels along the Austrian Danube is available here.