Danube River Information Services (DoRIS) is a modern information and management system for inland navigation on the Danube in Austria which is operated by viadonau. In 2006, Austria was the first European country to implement the development and operation of such a comprehensive information system. On 1st July 2008 an Inland AIS transponder requirement for the Austrian Danube section was introduced.

The further development of DoRIS in Austria is supported by the "National Action Plan for Danube Navigation" and also within the framework of several European initiatives.

DoRIS offers both ship operators and landbased users several services to support traffic and transport management:

  • Waterway information (e.g. electronic waterway maps - Inland ENC, Notices to Skippers - NtS, water levels, lock operating conditions, waterway blockades and blockades due to ice)
  • Traffic information and managment (e.g. tracking & tracing, lock management, national hull database, etc.)

  • Safety-related services (e.g. electronic reporting for dangerous goods, accident analysis, etc.)

  • Value-added services for commercial use, e.g. berthing and departure information

  • International data exchange (e.g. data exchange regarding ship positions and messages of dangerous goods, internatinal hull database, etc.)

The relevant information is presented user-friendly and is available via web portals, E-Mail and mobile apps, amongst other things. Certain information (e.g. ship positions) is provided to authorized personal only.