Shipping companies are required to report data on the transport of dangerous goods to different authorities, depending on the national or international legislation of force. This results in the same data having to be reported again and again, sometimes in different languages and by means of different forms. When using Electronic Reporting, shipping companies only need to provide information about the cargo or the upcoming voyage once. This provision takes place by means of an application via an internet browser and allows the creation of messages with details for the trip, the vessel und the cargo, as well as modification and deletion of data regarding voyage- and cargo-related data and import and export of voyage- and cargo-related data. Cargo codes enable an unambiguous identification of the load and an accurate translation into other languages. This is an especially important innovation for the handling of dangerous goods.

River Information Services supported by Electronic Reporting include:

  • Strategic traffic information
  • Lock and bridge management
  • Avoidance of accidents
  • Transport management
  • Border control and customs services