The charts were produced on the basis of the information available at the time of generation and are updated when new data become available (e.g. on water engineering work carried out in the meantime or changes to the riverbed due to flooding). However, we do not assume any liability for the completeness or accuracy of the chart information. Particularly the integrated depth data may change constantly on the account of morphologic conditions in rivers and due to dredging operations. The data provided can only be regarded as information, and authorities do not assume any official liability for the data provided.

Generally, the free flowing section (Wachau and east of Vienna) are updated annually, shallow sections (according to DoRIS Shallow Sections < 2.50 m in relation to LNWL) monthly and backwater sections every 4-5 years. The surveying date at the respective ship position can be viewed directly in the Inland ECDIS Viewer via pick report.

Currently, charts include detailed depth information along the following sections of the Austrian Danube:

1872.7 - 1921.0 East of Vienna
0.1 - 17.0 Donaukanal
1921.4 - 1949.0 Backwater section Freudenau
1949.6 - 1979.3 Backwater section Greifenstein
1980.45 - 1998.0 Backwater section Altenwörth
1998.0 - 2038.0 Wachau
2038.3 - 2060.1 Backwater section Melk
2060.5 - 2094.4 Backwater section Ybbs
2095.9 - 2119.4 Backwater section Wallsee
2120.2 - 2146.7 Backwater section Abwinden
2147.3 - 2162.6 Backwater section Ottensheim
2163.0 - 2203.0 Backwater section Aschach
2203.4 - 2223.2 Backwater section Jochenstein

On the Inland ENCs, the areas of applicability of waterway gauges are indicated. Within these areas, the current water depths and vertical clearance of bridges can be calculated on the basis of actual water levels which are transferred over this website or via Inland AIS. In terms of the safety of navigation, an accuracy of 10 cm is reached. The current water depths and vertical clearances can also exceed 10 cm over the calculated values.

We would like to point out that the promulgation of shipping police regulations pursuant to Art. 22 Navigation Act (Schifffahrtsgesetz), Federal Law Gazette I No. 62/1997 as amended by Federal Law Gazette I No. 9/1998, is executed exclusively by installing or removing notice marks. Navigational charts are only a source of information for boatmasters. When notice marks are posted only for a short period of time, there may be a discrepancy between the actual situation and the chart. This does not have any impact on the validity of any official decrees.
The charts have been carefully examined and checked. However, minor deviations and errors may occur. Therefore, we kindly ask you to send any error messages that you may encounter to: johannes.nemeth[at]